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All Keral CBSE Inter School Volley ball tournament..

Payangadi : The CBSE has entrusted the school to organize a state level inter CBSE school volley ball tournament, sc..

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Training on Exceptional Methods in Teaching..

Wadihuda group conducted a training program for all the teaching faculties of the Group. The motive of the program was to train the teachers ..

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Progressive ES Conducts Rain Camp with Students..


Posted on: August 26, 2014 READ FULL NEWS

Career Guidance Classes Conducted for Classes Xth and XIIth std..

Wadihuda :R..

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National Search Talent Examination - Orientation Seminar..

WHSS conducted a..

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WHSS to host Robotics Workshop with IIT-Delhi..

Payangadi :Wadihuda Higher..

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Wadihuda Introduces New Diploma Course for Teachers in Islamic Studies..

Payangadi :Wadihuda Group under Taaleemul Islam Trust, with the noble aim to devolop and cherish the society, will ..

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Skill Incubator : Life Skill Training Workshop..

Skill incubator launching & full day life skill training workshop ..

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Protest Against GAZA Massacre by Wadihuda Students..

Wadihuda With GAZA24th July 2014..

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Cyber Law - Info Seminar..

The IT club of WHSS , conducted a Seminar on the implications and aspects of Cyber Law, as part of its awarness campaign. ..

Posted on: July 22, 2014 READ FULL NEWS