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Welcome to Wadihuda Alumni

Any former student who spent at least one year at Wadihuda and any current or former parent, faculty, or staff member of any institute under Wadihuda Group is considered as a member of our community.
We are always looking for ways to better serve our community. The special challenge of an educational institute is keeping track of people as they move all over the world. To help keep contact with Wadihuda, we have established an online directory to serve as a networking tool. Please join us by completing the registration form given in this page.
Many of our alumni, even those who were here for only one year, consider their Wadihuda experience to be life-changing. Wadihuda is a group of educational institutions with an exceptional history which has contributed distinctively to the lives of many young people. It will continue to do so with the support and help of those who believe that the institution's distinctiveness is important and who are prepared to contribute to its continued success.
In recent years, an increasing number of alumni are returning to visit Wadihuda. Our management, teachers, students, and staff are always eager to welcome any former students to the campus. Next time, if you plan a trip to this region, kindly include a campus visit too. We would be proud to show you around our present status.

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